Japanese culture experience in English and kimono store in Kyoto

Our shop was founded as a kimono merchant in Muromachi, Kyoto in 1903. The business style has changed with the times, and now we offer rental of street and celebration clothes, mainly antique kimonos from the early Showa era, as well as Japanese culture experiences such as s tea ceremony and dressing with kimonos. A kimono shop where you can learn about Japanese hospitality by experiencing Japanese culture and customs.

Japanese hospitality tour and tea ceremony experience

An important thing to know about Japan is that Japan is made of a culture of hospitality. It’s a way to share a pleasant time with our customers, rather than being forced on, always thinking about what people will be happy to do. In our shop, you can experience the world of tea ceremony filled with Japanese hospitality, you can feel more Japanese culture and unknown world. In addition, kimono is an indispensable item for the tea ceremony. You can actually choose your favorite styling with the dresser and experience dressing by a professional dresser.


Katsura Imperial Villa visit and tea ceremony experience

About 3 hours (up to 4 people)
Regular fee: ¥ 15,000 / person (+ tax)(15 years and over)

The Katsura area is located on the west side of Kyoto city. On the west bank where the Katsura River flows right next to it, there is a miracle garden, Katsura Imperial Villa, built 400 years ago. “It’s so beautiful that it’s really tearful,” acclaimed the 20th-century German architect Bruno Taut. Artificial rivers and ponds, designed to reflect the elegant atmosphere of the Heian era, and a book house and teahouse designed to allow you to view the garden from any building. The harmony between nature and the building is fascinating. After the visit, you will be able to wear antique kimono and we serve you the finest matcha tea at our store.

Katsura Imperial Villa entrance ticket, Kimono set rental fee (including accessories), dressing fee, guide fee, tea ceremony fee (including matcha, sweets)
To visit Katsura Imperial Villa, you must apply for a visit in advance.
Please pay yourself admission fee at the Katsura Imperial Villa  (¥1,000).
For overseas customers, we will provide explanations in English.
Our shop will arrange a numbered ticket. The schedule is based on a visit from 10 am, but if you would like to change the visit time, please contact us in advance.
Reservations can be made through the online reservations below.
Tour start time: 10:00

Reservation required

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Experience the tea ceremony with antique kimono

About 90 minutes
Regular fee:  ¥ 7,000 / person (+ tax) (15 years and over)
Child fee: ¥ 5,000 / person (+ tax) (5 to 14 years old)

You can feel the world of tea ceremony filled with the spirit of hospitality. The owner who has learned the tea ceremony can serve matcha tea one by one and serve it with Japanese sweets from a well-established Japanese sweets shop. In addition, we will choose a kimono that is a Japanese traditional costume with a kimono specialist and dress it with an active professional dresser. As for kimonos, we offer antique kimonos with a high value of our specialty, so you can feel the history of Japan just by looking at the colors and patterns.

・ Demonstration of matcha tea
・ How to drink matcha tea
・ How to see the tea bowl

Included: Kimono rental fee (including dressing), tea ceremony fee (including matcha tea and sweets)
Please do not go out wearing kimono. (You can go out for an additional charge of 2,000 yen)
For overseas customers, we will provide explanations in English.
After experiencing the tea ceremony, you can take a commemorative photo in the store.
Group plan: For group reservations of 5 or more, please contact us directly.
Reservation: Reservations can be made via the online reservations below.
Holding time: 13:00, 15:00, 17:00

Reservation required

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Enjoy a cup of the finest matcha tea

The Finest Matcha tea   ¥ 1,000(+ tax)

You can have a drink with the finest matcha from the magnificent tea farmer “Magouemon” at the national matcha fair.
With a history of 220 years as a tea maker at Joyo area in Kyoto, tea leaves grown with surprising fertilizer and discerning recipes derived from tradition and experience have a unique taste. In addition, we will prepare sweets from Nakamuraken, a 150-year-old Japanese confectioner. You will be able to enjoy the flavors of the four seasons in a small Japanese confectionery before you eat it. This is the only place where you can enjoy Made in Kyoto. Please enjoy a relaxing drink while healing the tiredness of your trip.

Reservation required

Booking finest matcha tea


Dressing by a professional dresser

Duration: 20-40 minutes

Dressing fee:
Yukata ¥ 3,000 (excluding tax) ~
Kimono 5,000 yen (excluding tax) ~
Hakama ¥ 6,000 (excluding tax) 〜
Furisode ¥ 10,000 (excluding tax) ~

Reservation required

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Japanese culture lesson   Tea ceremony class / Dressing class

In our shop, we will regularly open a tea ceremony and dressing classroom. It is important to take the first step in both tea ceremony and dressing. Extremely rigorous discipline is required to master the path, but through this class you will feel the hospitality and spirit of Japanese culture. The aim is to create people who can behave in a manner that is not ashamed in public.


Dressing Class

Course fee: 5,000 yen / person
This is a lesson to learn dressing skills while understanding the theory. The aim is not just to dress neatly, but also to make sure that the person who wears it feels comfortable, and learn the attitude and behavior as a dresser.

Date: Irregular (reservation required)
Attendance time: About 2 hours
Place: Tokusaburo Miyagawa store
Lecturer: Tokusaburo Miyagawa
Participation by hand is also acceptable.
Please cancel by the day before.

Recommended for such people
・ Person who wants to wear kimono by himself
・ Person who wants to dress people
Instructor Profile | Toku Miyagawa

reservation required

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Tea ceremony Class

Course fee: 3,000 yen / person
Those who want to touch Japanese culture and who want to learn tea. In this tea ceremony class, you can not only taste the green tea deliciously, but also acquire beautiful works through the manners. In addition, by touching the words on the scrolls and the setting of the tea room according to the season, you will be able to hone your wisdom and aesthetics.

Includes: tuition fee, matcha, sweets included
Date and time: First and third Thursdays from 19:00 to 21:00 (2 hours)
Place: Tokusaburo Miyagawa store
Lecturer: Eriko Mikubo
You can also participate in clothes.
If you are late, please contact us.
Please cancel by the day before.

Recommended for such people
・ Those who want to experience Japanese culture
・ Person who wants to serve tea
Lecturer profile | Eriko Mikubo

reservation required

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Kimono rental

We rent mainly rare antique kimonos from the early Showa period. Nostalgic colors and textures are unique to antique kimonos. In addition, the designs at that time did not feel old, but there were many novelties and the fashion was very high. Why don’t you wear your favorite kimono in the 100-year-old store and go out to the town?


Antique kimono one day rental

Dressing time: about 30 minutes
Regular fee: ¥ 8,000 / person
What is included:
Kimono rental fee (including dressing)
For overseas customers, we will provide explanations in English.
Group plan:
Please contact us directly for reservations for groups of 5 or more.
Reservations can be made through the online reservations below.

Booking kimono rental

Premium kimono rental for wedding attendance

Dressing time: 30 minutes
Regular fee
For lady ¥ 30,000 (excluding tax)
For men ¥ 12,000 (excluding tax)
For wear opportunities:
Graduation entrance ceremony, wedding, pilgrimage
What is included:
Kimono rental fee (including dressing)
Reservations can be made through the online reservations below.

Booking kimono rental

Children’s celebration wear rental

Dressing time: about 30 minutes
Regular fee: From ¥ 25.000 per person (excluding tax)
Graduation ceremony
Kimono rental fee (including dressing)
For overseas customers, we will provide explanations in English.
A graduation ceremony hakama is also available.
Reservations can be made through the online reservations below.

Booking kimono rental


Event costume / fashion show / classroom request


About the history and facilities of our store

The first Tokusaburo Miyagawa was founded in Kyoto in 1873 as a kimono wholesaler in Muromachi, Kyoto. Relocated to Katsura, Saikyo-ku after the war and resumed business as an exclusive store. The fourth-generation shopkeeper is currently operating mainly for kimono rental and Japanese culture experience. The store is a 1-minute walk from Hankyu Katsura Station, about 10 minutes by train to Arashiyama, about 10 minutes to Kawaramachi Station, and about 30 minutes by express to Osaka Umeda Station. The building is a 100-year-old wooden one-story building, and the interior was renovated by the current owner, who was a former wooden ship carpenter. Also, Katsura Imperial Villa, which is under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Household Agency, is located about a 12-minute walk, and is one of Katsura’s most famous attractions. Since the shop owner has experience living abroad, we can respond to customers from overseas in English. Hospitality tours that are conscious of tradition and basics, and that are conscious of outside perspectives, are popular with customers from overseas.


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open 12:30~ close 18:00
Holiday : every Wednesday

[E-mail] mail@toku36.com

Takes about 20 minutes from Kyoto Station by train.
Get off at Hankyu Katsura train station.
1 minute walk from the east exit.
Go straight 50 maters along the narrow path between Kyoto Bank and the real estate agent, and turn left at the end.
You will see our store on your right.